Scarpa Barbaresco Tettineive 1999

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photoScarpa is one of those very classic producers, like Borgogno and Lopez de Heredia, that has huge stocks of old wine they are happy to release to consumers at very reasonable prices. This has particular signigficance when it comes to high end Nebbiolo, which, when traditionally made like these are, does not present well before 10 years of ageing.

An Underappreciated Traditionalist

For the quality it offers Scarpa is surprisingly underrepresented on the west coast of North America, with the exception of a small importer in Portland from whom I bought this bottle.

150 years of tradition, admired by the likes of Giacosa and Gaja. Never heard of them? Not uncommon. Do you like old school Barbaresco? I won’t focus here on the vinification techniques (e.g. large botti), but rather the fact this is wine that is not obsessed with fruit and is unafraid of structure, spice, roses. You know, those things that make Nebbiolo special beyond its cherry-liqueur-like fruit.

This is old school, Godfather wine (just check out the website). Perfect with orange blossom (remember the orange grove scene?), truffles (yes I had it with a perfect truffle pasta at Lupo), walnuts, and more brilliance. Just give it an hour to open. Just expect tannins that only happen this way, with time. Expect the classic.

$75 at Liner and Elsen


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