Villa Bucci Riserva 2009

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photoThere is so much tension at the edge of something, sometimes pushing ourselves into new scenarios can be more anxious than exciting. There is a stereotype that challenge is ‘good’. Challenge is hard. And there is no universal justice ensuring that risk-takers are rewarded. That myth is tired. Sometimes we fail, sometimes others prevent us from succeeding.

This is great wine, plush but long and fresh with extreme balance. It’s astonishingly good Verdicchio. This wine is famous in some places and lies in obscurity in others. Context can be determinative. But it doesn’t always tell truth.

The Marche. Most people don’t know where this is, let alone that you can get such high quality white wine from it. Farmers from the 1700’s, first bottling wine in 1983, in my view Villa Bucci make some of the best white wines in Italy for the price. It’s a classic Italian agricultural estate with a wide range of produce – beets, corn, wheat, sunflowers, and the classic olive oil.

But don’t expect anyone to lift this wine up and present it in all its glory. Most will overlook. I prefer to find those with internal depth that don’t need boosting but that are also often unfairly ignored.

Excellent to Excellent+
$60 at BLDB


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