Quinta do Vale Meao Meandro 2012

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Last fall I spent a week in the Douro valley. It’s a truly beautiful place. The wines can be uneven, but the best sing. One of the most passionate and impressive individuals I met was Francisco Olazabal of Quinta do Vale Meao. This was a man clearly obsessed with honouring the tradition of his winery (really the first in the Douro for dry reds) by constantly improving it. I’ve rarely seen such a passion for understanding blending and the influence of Portugal’s many indigenous varieties on the final blend.

The Meandro is Vale Meao’s entry level good value wine. But it doesn’t taste like an entry level wine. Rather, this is an ideal example of what a Douro red blend should taste like. It’s got the wonderful violets from Touriga Nacional with spice from Franca and structure and depth from the many other varieties in the blend. The grape varieties are all vinified separately and then blended (as I can attest to participating in a tasting of about a dozen varieties with Mr. Olazabal).

In short, this is one of the best red wines in the Province at the $30 price point.

Excellent and Highly Recommended Value
$30 at BCLDB (also available at various private stores)


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