Dominio de Tares Godello Bierzo 2013

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Godello is one of Spain’s great white grapes. The best can take on the weight and length of high quality Chardonnay but with their own unique minerality. The grape is fairly neutral and so is a slate for wine-making prowess. The wines range from bright, steel aged versions to richer barrel aged wines, such as this one. While plantings in Spain have increased considerably in the last couple decades, these wines remain very rare in Canada. In fact, my guess is that this wine is the only one currently available in B.C.

Dominio de Tares in Bierzo make consistently high quality clean, modern wines from the indigenous grapes at various price points. Thus it is no surprise that this white strikes a nice mid-point between an intensely manipulated style and a completely neutral style of Godello, offering both freshness and minerality and some creamy weight from the barrel ageing. You won’t find heavy handed treatment here so expect this to pair well with your summer fish and grilled white meat dishes.

Very Good+ and Highly Recommended Value
$33 at Marquis Wine Cellars


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