Seppelt DP90 Rare Tawny

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Seppelt is one of Australia’s oldest wineries, founded in 1851. What some may not know is that in its early days Seppelt focused on fortified wines, which was the predominant wine industry in Australia in the 19th century. Once the 20th century came around, Seppelt was the largest winery in Australia, expanding into sparkling and still wines through acquisitions. In 1984 Seppelt was acquired by Southcorp (later purchased by Fosters) and ultimately was mismanaged. In 2007 Seppelt was bought out again and has, since then, started to return to its traditional form.

Throughout all this tumult, Seppelt has maintained Australia’s deepest and most important collection of fortified wine, including a yearly release of 100 year old tawny considered to be amongst the best fortified wines in the world. Indeed, the best of Seppelt’s fortifieds will shock the uninitiated for their ability to surpass the likes of most Portuguese tawny ports. And this is where the DP90 enters.

A deeply hued, darkly rich atom of chocolate dipped blood orange, toasted walnuts and honey, the DP90 is amongst the most delicious Tawny style fortified wines I have tasted. This I found surprising given my recent trip to Portugal and the quality of tawny I tasted there. While the wine lacks a little of the elegance of the very best Portuguese Tawnies, its flavour profile and intensity are nearly unparalleled. This is truly outstanding fortified wine and a part of Australian history.

$70 at Marquis Wine Cellars


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