Champagne Dom Perignon 2002

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I’m moving past the feeling. The feeling that drives you to unexpected commitment, thinking through your beliefs to become more embedded in value and community. It’s a moment increasingly dissipating. The world’s anchors are disintegrating into the promise of international citizens. But how much of that promise is a cloak for alienation.

A Modern Man

Is there a second when we grow up? Relative to our former selves we may feel old, but relative to our past parents we realize how vulnerable, confusing and utterly unknown life is, for us all, always.

Rationally bad choices are often emotionally good ones. This is the trade of luxury Champagne. And yes, it’s true, emotionally this bottle of wine is completely satisfying. It’s a pause in life to reflect and recognize decisions and outcomes. It’s just what it is. And this ironically defies the very purpose of brand.

Rationally, it is expensive. But we don’t buy such wines for rational purposes, just as most of life’s most important decisions are emotional, not rational.

Well then…


Maybe we just don’t get it. Maybe we are doomed to destroy what we make. Maybe.

$110 USD at Garagiste ($250 at BLCDB)


  1. Ryan Hooper
    August 30, 2015

    Nice Arcade Fire use.

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