Domaine Huet ‘Le Haut-Lieu’ Vouvray Sec 1998

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I’ve written enough about Huet before that I do not need to repeat the essentials (not to mention the sheer volume of material on the web). Sometimes it is nice to be reminded how even such a storied and vaunted producer, when in Vouvray, can offer some of the world’s great aged whites for a song.

This is soy sauce dappled with rust-tinged baked apple and I know the smart amongst you pair with umami heavy foods with low-spice and high amino-acids such as the home-made Oyakodon that I linked up. I think Vancouver deserves a local series on Asian foods with wine as I’m afraid most wine-writers miss the mark, go too much with the boring or miss the nuances of region. A note to self to take up that project as a spotlight in the future.

$65 (including tax) at Marquis


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