Bollinger Brut Rosé n/v

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I cannot think of a more perfect Christmas wine than Bollinger’s category-leading rosé Champagne made by blending their special cuvée with 6% red Pinot Noir wine from special plots dedicated to serving this purpose.

For me Champagne’s potency lies in its forceful commitment to presence. The release of pressure is as metaphorical as it is literal. Champagne serves no purpose in the past or in the future. It demarks moments with simultaneous release and exaltation. When you look past all the marketing and the cultural expectations, I see Champagne’s celebratory character as derived internally from its own methodology, which serves no purpose but to offer a moment of pure presence. This truth stands out from other wine.

Champagne is spent. It pretends there is no decay. And that is why in its apotheosis of celebration it is as meaningful as it is meaningless.

I wish all my readers a brilliant holiday season and New Year.

Excellent to Excellent+
$113 + tax at the BCLDB


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