Domaine Vincent Paris ‘Granit 60’ Cornas 2012 (second tasting)

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Few are privileged enough to buy multiple bottles of expensive wine to taste at various stages of development. But, for the wine-lover, watching a wine unfold over a period of years is one of the most intellectually rewarding experiences. These days I splurge on wines that I put in my very upper echelon of favourites to buy around 3 bottles and open them a few years apart.

I tasted a couple bottles of this Granit 60 Cornas back in January of this year. In December, 2015, with the extra year in bottle, the wine has very much integrated and is in an expressive, balanced place for young Syrah. While it is a little more subdued than a year ago, its softer tannin has enhanced the textural experience while the wine still offers an abundance of red fruit pleasure. This great wine will surely develop into outstanding ‘old’ Northern Rhone Syrah in about 8-10 years – a date range I have committed for my final bottle.

The days when Cornas and Cote-Rotie offered some of the world’s greatest, age-worthy, wines at accessible prices are almost over (e.g. Jamet, Clape and Chave have increased prices by 50% in the last couple years). Paris is one of the few producers left in the Northern Rhone whose Syrahs remain very reasonably priced for the quality and I highly recommend collecting them in large quantities before they too become priced out of the reasonable range.

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  1. Henry
    December 20, 2015

    Hi Shea.
    Interesting to hear the development of this wine in less than a year. Picked up a few bottles of this based on your earlier post but wasn’t really planning to open one for a few years yet. Do you think the softer tannins & the predominantly red fruit flavour profile mentioned previously allow for earlier enjoyment compared to typical Cornas?

  2. Shea
    December 20, 2015

    I do think you can drink this young without issue. I wouldn’t drink all of them but the wine is delicious now.

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