Chateau La Providence Pomerol 2012

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Perhaps I am too skeptical, but I reject providence. Instead I prefer greater emphasis on deontology. I subscribe to the consequences of choices and actions over outcomes.

I am repeatedly disappointed with my particular human experiences. But, more importantly, I am uplifted by the gems in the rough – those who standard, insular, views of the world fail to perceive and understand.

So I can suggest, with humility, that you start looking deeper at those unfamiliar to you, stop trusting what you think you know, and open yourself to the beauty of difference in the world.

And I think that is the true test of humanity. Words, feigned belief systems and ethics. They are useless things. Unless and until you bring yourself to be, in total vulnerability, a sponge for truth.

I thank all those who have made that possible.

And yes, this wine is greater than its name. It is indicative of Pomerol pleasure. It is more honestly priced than its immediate siblings (2011 and 2013) and it is actually more truthful and distinctive. So thank you Providence for making me accept that any such benevolence comes from within.

$120 at BCLDB


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