Bonny Doon Grenache Cuvee “R” 2014

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**I received this bottle of wine as a sample from the winery**

This Monterey County Grenache expertly echoes the inimitable garrigue of the Cote du Rhone and Provence. I seem to find myself repeatedly turning to this challenging grape for a more robust ‘pinot noir’ I can pair with slightly heartier foods that still require elegance and lift. The Cuvee “R” provides both and thus represents the best qualities of Grenache.

The wine works because of its high natural acidity, a quality born from the unique qualities of Bonny Doon’s Rancho Solo vineyard. Based on the 2014 “R”, the 2nd vintage, I feel Bonny Doon has found an excellent spot for the grape and look forward to exploring future vintages. It is one of the more compelling versions of the grape I have tasted from California.

$48 USD from the winery


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