Conceito Douro Branco 2013

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You should only believe in yourself if you have no hope. The more you achieve, the less belief is required. The closer to the apex you reach, the more belief is dangerous. That’s when you need to trust in the capacity of others to correct your mistakes, your predilections and biases. I can see it in your eyes. The lack of confidence manifest as arrogance.

Putting belief in our ability to moderate our flaws above manipulating our individual problems is maybe naive and likely to fail, but the impact of giving up on this impossible belief would rend societies and topple human accomplishment. So sacrifice remains a necessity. Combined with cynical realism, it is potent.

No word of it.

Conceito. Concept. It has the power to go beyond our human limits and also risks degrading them. Luckily, this masterful Portuguese white wine does the former.

Of course, it languishes on BCLDB shelves. A wine I first tasted 7 years ago in Oporto and was astonished. I searched for years, never finding it, and it lands on these shores and is neglected. A sad turn of events, unless you take a risk…

$53 + tax at the BCLDB


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