Podere Concori Melograno 2014

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Tuscany does not evoke images of mountains. The Alps even less so. But that is where Podere Concori fashions one of the more interesting Syrahs I’ve tasted from Italy. The town of Garfagnana is located in the northernmost reaches of Tuscany in a region called the Valle del Serchio. It is in the mountainous borderlands between the Apennine Mountains and the Alps. The estate holds one of if not the highest vineyards in Tuscany and makes Syrah in a style I can best describe as a confluence between the bright liveliness and acidity of a Friulian red with the spice and wildness of the Roussillon. It is a mid weight wine that tastes both distinctly Italian with hints of pepper and Syrah stems. Old-vine varieties top off the Syrah.

Garfagnana, and mountains.

Garfagnana, and mountains.

The place to get this is at Chambar – it is the new head sommelier Kieran Fanning’s first addition to the list, and it’s singing.

Very Good+ to Excellent
On the list at Chambar


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