Wind Gap Rana 2009

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This is the best New World Grenache based wine I have had in quite some time. I prefer it because it derives pleasure from savoriness and texture. The 9% Mourvedre adds both a touch of weight and an extra herbal dimension.

The wine also serves the function of very easy drinking – a quality I find common among many of Pax’s wines at Wind Gap. It wears its 7 years of age extremely well. It is not syrupy or sweet and sits at just over 14% ABV.

Wind Gap no longer makes this wine, but instead makes a Grenache from the very old vines found in the Sceales vineyard in Sonoma County. The Rana is a blend of multiple vineyards. The evolution to Sceales makes sense to me, but this library wine is worth seeking out to see how well the Wind Gap Grenache based wines age. I believe the winery still has a few bottles.

$45 USD at the winery upon release


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