Sandlands Sonoma County Trousseau Noir 2014

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how to remain consistent with my own personal integrity. You can blow up your life repeatedly to bring in new challenges, but regardless of your attempts to outgrow yourself, sometimes I find the search remains elusive. There are so many more facets than we realize even exist. All I know is that you should never do the same thing forever.

Discovering the Personal in Integrity

Sandlands is Tegan Passalacqua’s new personal project. After taking over the helm at Turley and after many years traveling California’s vineyards, Passalacqua has found his personal voice in a project focused on ancient-vine heritage vineyards with old-school varieties planted in sand. We are talking Carignan, Chenin Blanc, and Trousseau.

The wines are not expensive. They are expressive and extremely deep and characterful. They echo in a fascinating way the manner in which Passalacqua has changed the Turley style to one of greater finesse and aromatics. These wines return their varieties to their varietal character and away from the overly stemmy natural versions we have seen elsewhere.


This Trousseau is planted in the old-vine Bohan Vineyard on the Sonoma Coast, 3 miles from the ocean. Soils are sandstone and shale.

There is a silky texture to this wine which is extremely distinctive. It is not like the Jura, but it is true to the variety. It is extremely floral and makes me think of a cherry blossom.

In many ways I feel Passalacqua is the John Steinbeck of California wine. Beauty through historical familial trajectory quilted in mythical archetypes.

Excellent to Excellent+ and Highly Recommended Value
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