Domaine Arlaud ‘Clos Solon’ Morey-Saint-Denis 2012

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Arlaud is a more modern-styled producer in Burgundy, with great emphasis on forward fruit and always a percentage of new barrique depending on the level of the wine and vintage (from 15% for village up to 30% for Grand Cru). Most of the time the wines are 100% destemmed. Farming is biodynamic and are officially certified as both organic and biodynamic. The vineyards are ploughed by horse to reduce soil compaction.

The wines are very consistent and always delicious. For the extremely hardcore they may find these a bit too modern, but I say give the wine a day to open or age it and you will see its Burgundian side blossom. For me there is a quality of tannin that situates a wine only in Burgundy and this Arlaud has it.

This wine, from a vineyard known for quality on the lower portion of the slope in Morey, hits well above its weight. The vines are 40+ years’ old. It has a wonderful, soft and voluptuous mouth-feel alongside ripe fruit and superb tannin structure. With a day open the wine mellowed and showed more of its earthy side. The strength of the 2012 vintage showed in this wine and if you like wines with volume and structure I highly recommend seeking out the 2012 vintage in the Cote de Nuits generally.

~$78 + tax at Kits Wine


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