Domaine Weinbach Pinot Blanc Reserve 2015

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Pinot Blanc is a highly underrated grape. This is due to the sheer quantity of insipidly farmed and vinified versions of this grape that have made many associate it with ‘innocuous white wine’. Moreover, the grape has no great fame in any particular region in the world.

Despite this, the grape has more potential than simply being a drinkable white. The best examples of Weissburgunder from Germany and Austria are excellent wines at a good price, versatile with food and medium bodied with good character. Alto Adige has some nice bottlings. B.C. has a few producers that do a pretty good job with the grape too. Alsace generally makes the very best versions, particularly from a producer of high quality like Weinbach (though Weinbach blends Pinot Blanc with its sibling Auxerrois Blanc).

Pinot Blanc is a mutation of Pinot Gris and has subtle spice and orchard fruit. It is not a big, bold wine, but rather a subtle one that when made well is generally very balanced. It works extremely well with food – often much better than many Alsatian Pinot Gris – due to its softer fruits and excellent balance.

This Weinbach reserve bottling is mid-weight but with greater complexity than a typical Pinot Blanc. It exhibits all the grape’s best qualities with a touch more weight than typical. The greater weight is likely due to the high percentage of Auxerrois Blanc in the blend, which is very similar to Pinot Blanc, but with more density and less freshness. The wine showed its food prowess when paired with leek and bacon quiche.

Very Good+ to Excellent
$37 + tax at BCLDB


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