Vouette & Sorbee ‘Textures’ Champagne

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The sad sack wine grape of Champagne is undoubtedly Pinot Blanc. Rarely seeing more than a miniscule percentage in a blend, those wines made from a majority of it are often avoided by consumers. Too bad for them, at least when it comes to Vouette & Sorbee’s mineral-laced, super dry, texturally suave masterpiece of Champagne Pinot Blanc.

Around 20-year-old biodynamically farmed old vines find their way into amphora and used oak and then over to 18 months on lees before disgorgement. 0g/l dosage. Bertrand Gautherot is a true master of Champagne and perhaps only those with his level of dedication (insanity) can make a wine this good from a ‘lesser’ grape. This is a new cuvee addition to the lineup showing the clear progression of this masterful producer.

This is perhaps the most transparent Champagne yet from Vouette & Sorbee.

Eat it with fried chicken.

~$100 at Kits Wine


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