Georges Vernay Terrasses de L’Empire Condrieu 2015

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This is the second greatest Condrieu in the world, ceding dominance only to Vernay’s Coteaux de Vernon. Whereas most good Viognier is powerful and oily in texture in order to achieve the full phenolic complexity of the grape and most bad Viognier is light and tart with little complexity, Vernay achieves aromatic and palate complexity alongside elegance and freshness. It is a remarkable achievement that owes a fair amount to terroir and a fair amount to wine-making prowess.

Terroir is decomposed rock, mica and schist on the topsoil over clay. This results in minerality. Christine Vernay uses neutral oak ferments with the Condrieus and that allows the elegance of the fruit to speak.

Most top Viogniers require pretty powerful and sweet foods to work well. Vernay’s Condrieus are more aligned with Premier and Grand Cru Burgundy in their pairing affinities.

$120 + tax at BCLDB


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