Palacio de Fefinanes ‘1583’ Albarino de Fefinanes 2016

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Palacio de Fefinanes is among the top produces of Albarino in Rias Baixas. They have been a mainstay go-to producer for me for at least a decade. With the ‘1583’ we have something particularly unique. Most drinkers have been exposed to good quality Albarino in the classic style – i.e. with neutral steel fermentation. The ‘1583’ is a special bottling from Fefinanes that introduces some oak fermentation (after some time in steel) and oak ageing to the wine (three months in 1-5 year old barriques). There are those who would decry this move, much like there is general consensus against oaking Rieslings. But – in the hands of a producer this good – it works well.

The fruit that goes into the ‘1583’ is specially selected for quality in order to stand up to the barrel influence. The vines are planted on loamy sand soils over granite.Whereas classic Albarino is bright, focused, fruity and minerally – a perfect match for lightly dressed seafood, the additional weight of the ‘1583’ makes it well suited to richer preparations, particularly lobster. I learned recently that the style also works well with Mexican cuisine after drinking an oaked Albarino from Pazo Senorans at Quintonil in Mexico City.

$50.34 + tax at Marquis Wine Cellars


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