Sandlands Red Table Wine 2017

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Sandlands “Red Table Wine” is the archetype of what a great California red should be. Fruity and bright, fresh, a supple tannic grip, and mid-palate depth from that California sun and old vine fruit. This tastes a transplant of a great southern french wine from a producer such as Leon Barral, that is distinctly heritage California.

I’ve written about Sandlands before so will not belabour the project’s history. The Red Table Wine is a new addition to the lineup, from old vine Carignan (65%) and Mataro (35%) planted in Cotra Costa County. This wine’s accessible fruit and 12.9% ABV makes it delicious easy drinking, but with complexity. This is the kind of ‘bistro’ wine that would improve all our casual dining experiences if it were easier to access.

This is wine beyond the ‘new’ California. It is California without pretense, historically understood, made sustainably and made well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended Value
$28 USD from the winery mailing list


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