Just Grapes is the longest running wine blog in British Columbia. I founded Just Grapes in 2007 with a similar aim to most bloggers. Since then, I have learned much and expanded the site considerably. The blog now focuses on writing for wine geeks, collectors, and members of the industry. I am fully independent, receive no payment for what I do, and aim to provide a critical voice. I have four main  goals for the site:

1. Being based in Vancouver, British Columbia means having stunted access to the full diversity of the world’s wines given this Canadian province’s antiquated wine laws and distribution system. Thus, I travel the world and the U.S. in search of fascinating and important wines that have yet to be discovered in this market. I am always seeking out the most exciting discoveries in Europe and the U.S. to share with my readers.

2. Wine blogs can be somewhat schizophrenic. To combat this, I write themed series of articles – called “Spotlights” – that focus on a particular region or type of wine. The aim is to explore the history, farming, philosophies and key producers for each theme. I find sustained focus on a theme aids understanding and facilitates exploration – hopefully adding value.

shcchampagne3. Finding and writing about the best wines available in this market. Wine in B.C. is expensive and it can be difficult to find both value and truly exciting products. I spend countless hours trolling the wine stores and importers’ portfolios in the province in order to find and write about the best wines actually available to British Columbians, focusing mostly on wine geeks. These wines are not always cheap (“value” does not mean “cheap”), and they are usually only available in small quantities. However, they are generally well worth the effort to seek out. I do the homework so you don’t have to!

4. Lastly, I write feature articles based on travels, focused tastings and dinners, visits to wineries and occasionally wine law and policy (I am a lawyer in Vancouver).

In summary, Just Grapes offers independent, critical, researched writing on wine for those obsessive types who spend way too much time thinking about fermented juice.

One note for readers not from BC: The alcohol laws in BC are antiquated!! BC Taxes make our wines between 80-100% higher in price than in the US, so keep that in mind!

You can find me on twitter @Justgrapeswine

If you would like to contact me please email me at sheacoulson at this website’s domain (justgrapeswine dot com).