BC’s Liquor Distribution Branch Hikes Prices in July

In April, 2015 the BC Liquor Distribution Branch introduced its much hyped and now maligned reforms. This included introducing a wholesale system where every licensee and the LDB government stores


Further Problems with BC Liquor Pricing: Ignoring the Independent Wine Stores

Liquor pricing in BC is a big deal these days. Why? Because the BC Government is amending the ‘wholesale’ pricing formula so that all stores pay the same wholesale price.


An Analysis of British Columbia’s New Pricing Policy

On November 19, 2014 the Government of British Columbia announced a new pricing model for liquor that is to become effective on April 1, 2015. The Government’s claim is that


A Lesson in Okanagan Terroir: Le Vieux Pin’s Equinoxe Program

The Okanagan is still discovering its terroir, the line goes, so give it a break. A fair request, but only for those who take up the challenge. Le Vieux Pin


Corkage in British Columbia: A Consumer’s Take

On July 19, 2012 the Liberal government legalized corkage in British Columbia. It is astonishing it took until 2012 for this minor step to be taken towards modernization. In the


The Best of BC: Summer 2012 in the Okanagan

A weekend trip to the Okanagan inevitably led to some wine tasting. There’s no denying the Okanagan’s extreme beauty. However, B.C. wine is difficult territory for me. Compared to the


Understanding Liquor Reform: Discretion, Policy and the Law of Liquor in British Columbia

A wave of discussion about British Columbia’s liquor laws has recently swamped both social media and the traditional media. Much of this discussion has been prompted by a number of


Open Barrel: A Manifesto for Consumer Based Reform of British Columbia Liquor Laws

I recently stumbled upon this “Manifesto” that I wrote a couple years ago, when discussing liquor law issues with various businesspeople in the local industry, as a basis to create


Keeping it Cool: How British Columbia’s Wine Distribution System is a Hazard to Your Health

While drinking a bottle of wine over a nice dinner at home it is easy to regale oneself with thoughts of an idyllic landscape of undulating hills covered in vines where


Wine in British Columbia: A 25 Year Retrospective

It is 1986. Expo is in town. Row upon row of Fosch vines blanket one of a handful of wineries in a small corner of the Okanagan Valley. Bars in