Distinction in Difference: A Wine and Food Odyssey Through the Pacific Northwest

What makes Pacific Northwest wine and food culture distinct from elsewhere in North America? While it is tempting to seek a cohesive answer to this question, over the years I’ve


A Lesson in Okanagan Terroir: Le Vieux Pin’s Equinoxe Program

The Okanagan is still discovering its terroir, the line goes, so give it a break. A fair request, but only for those who take up the challenge. Le Vieux Pin


The Best of BC: Summer 2012 in the Okanagan

A weekend trip to the Okanagan inevitably led to some wine tasting. There’s no denying the Okanagan’s extreme beauty. However, B.C. wine is difficult territory for me. Compared to the


A Pacific Northwest Culinary and Oenophilic Excursion

I recently spent a few days in Seattle and Portland on a ‘tour’ of a number of highly touted restaurants, including a few James Beard award candidates. As with any