A Spattering of California Wineries

After I attended the Hospice du Rhone last April I spent a little time visiting a few wineries in California. I did not compile detailed notes on these visits, but


California Innovator: Pax Mahle and Wind Gap Wines

California gets a bad rap, especially amongst the wine cognoscenti. The criticisms are both cliche and simplistic, lumping a state with over 3,000 wineries and a plethora of terroirs and


Hospice du Rhone Seminar Series: A Collective Quest: The History of Les Vins de Vienne

Pierre Gaillard, Yves Cuilleron and Francois Villard are three of the most important producers in the Northern Rhone. They are important not just because of their vast energies and passion


Hospice du Rhone Seminar Series: Cayuse or The Return of the Bionic Frog

Cayuse is one of those few Washington wineries that rocketed into cult status in relatively few years. Founded in the late 1990’s, Cayuse’s wines are now near impossible to get


Hospice du Rhone Seminar Series: Why Spain (still) Rocks!

The Hospice du Rhone combines its big tastings, lunches and auction with four key seminars that highlight important facets of Rhone grapes from the new and old world. This year


Hospice du Rhone 20th Anniversary: Of Conflict, Contrasts and Community

On April 26-28, some of the leading producers of Rhone varieties from around the world converged in the small town of Paso Robles in central California. Paso is home to