The New Forefront of Syrah or Patchwork Potential? The Present and Future of Saint-Joseph

Since Saint-Joseph expanded from a small wedge of vineyards over 6 villages and 10 kilometres to an expansive region spanning 25 villages and 65 kilometres in 1969, it has been


The Triumph of Raw Material: Hanzell Vineyards

Hanzell Vineyards are owners of California’s oldest plantings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The 1953 Ambassador vineyard, which I’ve written about before, is one of the most important in the


Blending and Terroir with Bodega Catena Zapata

At Catena Zapata terroir is an ongoing science experiment. The philosophy is science-driven decision making. Statements about quality are not speculative or driven by marketing but are rather backed by


Chambolle and the Utmost: The Wines of Ghislaine Barthod

The stereotype for Chambolle is perfume and elegance. Some are of the view that the notion of village style is more a lodestar for producer style than terroir. For example,


Geological Gems (Australia): Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015 Seminar

Defining Australian wine gives the lie to the country’s incredible regional, soil and climatic diversity. Attempts to unify in a single brand or message also fail to understand the true


Tasting The “New California”

Regular readers will be familiar with my two spotlights focusing on the white wines of the so-called “New California” movement. These wines remain difficult to find in British Columbia, and

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Testing the Legend: The Chablis of Vincent Dauvissat and François Raveneau

Very few domains achieve ‘legend’ status, and even fewer drinkers actually get to experience wines from these estates. DRC, Leroy, Rayas, Soldera, Conterno’s Monfortino, Pingus, JL Chave, Egon Muller –

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From Glory to Maybe: Is Hermitage Still Relevant?

There is a bias in wine that singular expression derives from locating the most discrete source of the highest quality. The obsession with single vineyard bottlings is dominant in the

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International Cellars Portfolio Tasting

There have been a few portfolio tastings from important importers recently. International Cellars has one of the best Italian selections in the city. Here are my picks from this year’s

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Reflections on Australian Wine

The traditional story with Australian wine’s collapse in North America is the disastrous feedback loop of consumer expectations and lack of winemaking integrity. The Australian wines that gobbled huge market

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