Domaine Clape: On The Essential Meaning of Cornas

Wine is a privilege. Sometimes I like to hope that it can be more, that if approached with humility those of us who enjoy its privilege can learn something greater.

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Like Father Unlike Son: Harvest with Alain and Maxime Graillot

Crozes-Hermitage is the great contrast to the famed regions of the Northern Rhone. Much of it lies on a plain with sandy clay soils, where many vines are machine harvested.

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The Northern Rhone Disrobed: Tasting Hermitage at Michel Chapoutier

The Northern Rhone cannot be pinned in place. Its best wines are looms to a kindred thread, each weaving an ethereal and intellectual expression from the great common material of


Organic Viticulture and Tradition in Cote-Rotie: Domaine Clusel-Roch

As far as small estates go, Clusel-Roch has managed to obtain a fair degree of recognition in North America. Much of that is due to the ever-increasing trend towards ‘natural’


The Pope of Condrieu: Tasting at Georges Vernay

In 1971 Viognier was on the verge of extinction. Only 30 acres were left planted in Condrieu, the Rhone Valley appellation that is the original home of the grape. It

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Notes on Alsace: Domaine Ernest Burn

Great wine need not be expensive and great wine need not be big and rich. These are the precepts of most experienced wine lovers. Unfortunately, finding such wines, particularly from


Notes on Alsace: Domaine Weinbach

The epiphany is one of the great moments of human existence. These are the moments that awaken self-discovery and broaden our minds to the world. Any wine geek will have


Notes on Alsace: Domaine Marcel Deiss

Mention Alsace to a retailer and you are just as likely to receive a look of consternation as you are one of excitement. Thorny Alsace may be one of the


France: An Oenological and Culinary Overview

In the past two weeks I successfully grew my belly with the fruits of French terroir, tasting the wines and foods of Alsace, Lyon, the Rhone, and Provence. That so