A Lesson in Patience: An Old Loire Dinner

The Loire Valley is home for some of France’s longest aging wines. Spanning over 600 miles, the Loire is a huge region with considerable diversity and over 20 AOCs. This


Modern Napa for the Table: A Truchard Vineyards Wine Dinner

A sad reality of the wine business is that there are many wine dinners where you twiddle your thumbs, make awkward conversation and wait for the next pour. But there


Spotlight on White Burgundy: A Grand Cru Chablis Dinner

Burgundy’s monks were the original fetishists in wine. Grapes were but vessels for the voice of god that expressed itself as the manifestation of place in fermented grape. Terroir was,


An Argentine in Napa: a Viader Vertical

I rarely drink Napa wine these days. The prices are high and my preferences lean towards wines with greater acids and a different profile. Nonetheless, the valley remains one of


From Substance to Essence: A Barolo Dinner

A pin on mist, like the snapshot of soul, drives heart-search. Why is anything soulful? The definition lies in its ineffability. Solid ground gives expectations. On those expectations we construct