Niepoort Batuta 2004

Niepoort is not only my favourite producer of dry wines in the Douro, but they are among my favourite in the world. Their true beauty arises from bottle age. So,


Quinta do Vale Meao Meandro 2012

Last fall I spent a week in the Douro valley. It’s a truly beautiful place. The wines can be uneven, but the best sing. One of the most passionate and


Quinta do Crasto Old Vines Reserva 2005

Quinta do Crasto has long been known as one of the best dry wine producers in Portugal. They are located in the Douro and make modern, highly flavourful wines from


Niepoort Vertente Douro 2009

I love Niepoort. Their tawnies are amongst the best in Porto, their vintage ports hit well above their renown and the LBV’s are sleepers. In my mind only Quinta do


Spotlight on Portuguese Dry Wine: Quinta do Roriz Prazo de Roriz 2006

After a long hiatus, the Portuguese spotlight continues. I rarely review entry level wines, which is a shame given that simple wines often bring far greater pleasure and drinkability than


Spotlight on Portuguese Dry Wine: Quinta do Crasto Vinha da Ponte 2003

Probably the best represented of Portugal’s top wineries in British Columbia, Quinta do Crasto has been making wine for almost 400 years. It is now run by the Roquette family


Spotlight on Portuguese Dry Wine: Quinta do Noval Cedro do Noval 2007

Quinta do Noval is becoming one of the more important houses in Portugal for dry red wine. Situated in the Douro, Quinta do Noval was founded in 1715 and started


Spotlight on Portuguese Dry Wine: Chryseia Post Scriptum Douro 2004

My new profile holds a place close to my heart. When I visited Spain on vacation one year ago, I happened to be one of those travellers who was stranded