On Wine, and Making It

Why see the world when you’ve got the beach. There is eponymous truth to Frank Ocean. A direct line from the saccharine to the authentic. Too many get caught in

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Separations: A Wine Manifesto

Back before wine woven tapestries had become a regular part of my life, I little understood the world around me, let alone a bottle of alcohol, as an echo of

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Natural Wine: A Tasting

Attempting to discuss a movement that is inherently disparate and whose practitioners defy categorization presents a particular challenge. Complicating matters, the so-called “natural wine” movement finds expression along three non-parallel


Manhattan Misadventures, and a bunch’a good wine

Each of the great cities in the world has a different wine culture. In some it is non-existent, in others burgeoning, and in the greatest it is flourishing and diverse.

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From Leather to iPad – An Electronic Wine List?

The New York Times just wrote about a wonderful little innovation in the restaurant trade by Bone restaurant in Atlanta who have started to use ipads in place of traditional


B.C. Wine and the Ideology of Quality

With my series on B.C. wines over the Olympics I’ve done something I have never really done before – I’ve reviewed free samples sent to me by wineries. My logic


Social Media, Social Process and the Content Delivery Dilemma

In this article I want to talk about something that is not just limited to the wine industry, but that will become an important factor for all businesses engaged in


The Question of Minerality: Art or Science?

Recently a group of geologists at an Oregon wine tasting made the claim that any taste of minerals in a wine does not come from the minerals in the soil.

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Wine From a Rubber Teat

Ok, I saw this over at Dr. Vino’s wine blog and had to post something here. The full story is here. For those who don’t want to click the links,

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A Question of Price

A lot of those getting into wine wonder if price and quality have any correlation. I, too, have wondered this. So, I decided to periodically check my ratings in relation

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