Bodegas Robles Piedra Luenga Pedro Ximenez NV

This is one of the most remarkable wines I’ve had in a while. In the context of Sherry, this copper hued Pedro Ximenez is unlike anything else going on today.


Vinedo Y Bodegas de la Marquesa Valserrano Gran Reserva Rioja 2001

Ah, the Rioja debate. Modernists vs. traditionalists. If you’ve read this blog at all for the past while you’ll know I tend toward the latter. There aren’t really any traditionalists


Psi Ribero del Duero 2009

The story behind this wine is exceptional. Peter Sissek of Pingus fame and an absolute standard bearer for Ribera del Duero, realized that many fantastic sites in the region were


An Evening with Lopez de Heredia

What does the idea of tradition really mean? There are daily traditions, better known as habits, that help us maintain consistency in our lives. There are traditions like family heirlooms


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part VI: Bodegas Jose Estevez S.A.

Staring down from an observation perch at an extremely large and fully industrialized bottling line places many things in perspective. Wine, in the majority of circumstances, is an industrial product.


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part V: Emilio Lustau

There is a tendency amongst Jerez’s sherry producers to craft wines in a broad array of styles, with most bodegas maintaining large portfolios of wines. Lustau has perhaps the broadest


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part IV: Bodegas Tradicion

Consolidation is now a by-word for Jerez. Depressed sales have driven countless bodegas out of profitability and into the clutches of corporate acquisitions. All the more rare it is, then,


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part III: Rey Fernando de Castilla

Authenticity: an elusive, impossible concept. And yet, a compelling one. Those who have spent any amount of time pursuing an interest to the point that it becomes a passion understand


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part II: Bodegas Williams & Humbert

The classical image of wine country is one of idyllic vines planted in serene and beautiful environments, and quaint winery buildings in which a passionate French guy offers you glass


Jerez: The Soul of an Enigma – Part I

The Imam calls for prayer, staccato syncopation, a glass of manzanilla – these are the pulses and memories of a land where Muslims, Christians and Jews once lived in harmony,