Spotlight on New Zealand: Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay 2007

This will be the last post in the New Zealand spotlight. And I feel it is suitable to end with a wine that represents how New Zealand is moving towards


Spotlight on New Zealand: Pyramid Valley Vineyards – Fanaticism and Perfection

New Zealand is a country that is still discovering its vinous identity. While much further along than British Columbia, Kiwi wineries are still experimenting and discovering what works best and


Spotlight on New Zealand: Craggy Range Le Sol Syrah 2005

I’ve been pretty excited about the New Zealand Syrahs I’ve tasted in this spotlight. This wine, however, has proven to be somewhat of an enigma. A New Zealand Giant Craggy


Spotlight on New Zealand: Sacred Hill Deerstalkers Syrah 2007

With all the hype over Kiwi Pinot Noir, it has been a huge surprise to me that the most exciting wines I have tasted for this spotlight have been not


Spotlight on New Zealand: Ata Rangi Pinot Noir 2008

Jake at Cherries and Clay just posted on the possibilities of aging new world Pinot Noir by looking at a 2004 Rippon Pinot from Central Otago in New Zealand. In


Spotlight on New Zealand: Kumeu River Village Chardonnay 2008

Chardonnay has crept up the New Zealand sales charts to enter the #2 position after Sauvignon Blanc. Despite this, most people haven’t tasted much Kiwi chard, let alone good Kiwi


Spotlight on New Zealand: And Co. Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc 2009

I did not intend to cover any Sauvignon Blanc in this spotlight, primarily because while certainly distinctive, the grape has tended to overshadow much of the far more interesting wines


Spotlight on New Zealand: Man O War Dreadnought Syrah 2008

Man O War arose from an atypical story. A family (whose names remain mysteriously absent on the winery website), intent on saving and preserving a portion of Wieke Island in


Spotlight on New Zealand: Sacred Hill Rifleman’s Chardonnay 2007

Hot or Not? Hawke’s Bay is hot, for New Zealand – and that’s an important stipulation. On international standards Hawke’s Bay is at the climatic edge of ripening late season


Spotlight on New Zealand: Amisfield Pinot Noir 2007

The Central Otago has become the place to watch for exciting cool climate Pinot Noir in New Zealand. Several producers have begun producing softer, more elegant and more balanced Pinots.