Spotlight on Spain: Torres Grans Muralles 2001

Torres is one of the most important wine makers in Spain, having introduced many modern varieties to Penedes and having brought international grapes and an international style to South America


Spotlight on Spain: Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Rosado 1993

Today’s entry, the last of the Rioja wines in my Spain profile, is somewhat of a genre-buster. As I’ve mentioned before, Rioja (and Spain generally) has a disparate and noncontiguous


Spotlight on Spain: Abel Mendoza Rioja Malvasia 2007

Thus far I have looked at the red wines of Rioja, but the whites are perhaps some of the most interesting and unknown wines of Spain outside of the circles


Spotlight on Spain: Miguel Merino Gran Reserva 1999

What is the distinction between tradition and modernity? The modern derives from the past, so the separation is not simply time. When we say ‘modern’ we tend to imply a


Spotlight on Spain: Finca Allende Calvario 2002

Let’s speak of vintage. 2002 is considered by pretty much everyone in the wine world as a horrendous vintage for most of Europe. Lots of rain and snow and poor


Spotlight on Spain: La Rioja Alta Vina Ardanza Reserva 2000

Moving from Spain’s second most famous region to its most famous, today’s post will start to explore the world of Rioja. Rioja is an intriguing land that has a history


Spotlight on Spain: Alonso del Yerro 2005

Whereas last post’s Alejandro Fernandez is by now an old hat in Ribera del Duero, Alonso del Yerro is a baby in the region. It also represents some of the


Spotlight on Spain: Alejandro Fernandez Condado de Haza 2005

My next spotlight looks at a land with many histories, many traditions, many personalities and a flare for the confluence of modernity and tradition. It is also a land I