Spotlight on White Burgundy: William Fevre Vaillons Chablis Premier Cru 2008

Premier Cru Chablis is one of the great white wine values of the world. It may not have the same level of depth, complexity and ageability as the wonderful Grand


Spotlight on White Burgundy: A Grand Cru Chablis Dinner

Burgundy’s monks were the original fetishists in wine. Grapes were but vessels for the voice of god that expressed itself as the manifestation of place in fermented grape. Terroir was,


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Domaine Vrignaud Premier Cru “Fourchaume” Chablis 2010

I return to the white Burgundy profile for the final leg: the inimitable wines of Chablis. No look at Burgundian Chardonnay is complete without delving into this entirely distinct style


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Julien Collovray St. Veran 2010

We interrupt the Chassagne programming to bring you this message. Cheap, burgundy and quality are the great ephemeral triad of the wine world. I once heard Allan Meadows remark that


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Marc Morey “Les Vergers” Premier Cru Chassagne-Montrachet 2009

Another Marc Morey to continue the spotlight. Comparing the same producer’s wines from the same vintage but different vineyards can give considerable insight into terroir differences. Vergers, in contrast to


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Domaine Marc Morey Chassagne-Montrachet “En Virondot” 1er Cru 2009

As the brother to Puligny, Chassagne is perhaps slightly lesser known. The big question with Chassagne and Puligny is figuring out just what it is that distinguishes the two. For


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Maison Louis Jadot Puligny-Montrachet Les Folatieres Premier Cru 2006

Negocients are both the most maligned and the most widely available producers of Burgundy. The preference for small growers amongst the wine cognoscenti does have some rational basis: many negocient


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Philippe Pacalet Puligny-Montrachet 2009

Burgundy is a land both buoyed and chained by tradition. Its long history has led to a discovery of nuance that is unparallelled in the world. The sheer virtuosity of


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Maison Leroy “Champ Canet” Premier Cru Puligny-Montrachet 2007

Leroy is one of the great names of Burgundy. The wines of Domaine Leroy are almost as famous and expensive as DRC. This makes sense given owner Lalou Bize-Leroy was


Spotlight on White Burgundy: Arnaud Ente La Goutte d’Or 1er Cru Meursault 2007

No look at Meursault is complete without hitting one of the greats. Given, Comte Lafon, Roulot and Coche Dury are the entrenched masters, with unimpeachable reputations. However, the lesser known