Scarpa Barbaresco Tettineive 1999

Scarpa is one of those very classic producers, like Borgogno and Lopez de Heredia, that has huge stocks of old wine they are happy to release to consumers at very


Loredan Gasparini Capo di Stato Colli Trevigiani Rosso IGT 2007

Before the Super Tuscans there was Capo di Stato from the Veneto, one of the first Bordeaux blends made in Italy that gained international attention. Founded in the 1950’s by


Masseria Li Veli Askos Verdeca 2012

Italy is the greatest source in the world for high quality, characterful wines made from indigenous grapes. Portugal is in a solid second place, but Italy has a big head


Trimbach Reserve Personnelle Pinot Gris 2001

Pinot Gris is the typical Alsace grape, even more-so than Riesling. Grown in Alsace it resembles no other Pinot Gris in the world, with it hedonistic spice. Despite this, Riesling


Scarpa Monferrato Rosso Rouchet Briccorosa 2007

Scarpa is one of the great, classic estates of Italy (and lauded by the likes of Giacosa and Gaja), though most people on the west coast of North America have


Bow & Arrow Medici Vineyard East Block Pinot Noir 2012

Though some major companies are now invested in Oregon, it contrasts to both California and Washington in that the wine scene is predominantly filled with small growers. Stylistically, Oregon has


Spotlight on Red Burgundy: Anne Gros Chambolle Musigny “La Combe d’Orveau” 2005

Chambolle may be the most difficult village in Burgundy to pin down and understand. It doesn’t have the potent fruit and good value of Nuits St. Georges, the easy to


Guccione ‘Arturo di Lanzeria’ IGT Sicilia Perricone 2008

Portland shames BC with its affordable housing, broad minded and independent food purveyors, coffee roasters, micro breweries, and lack of sales tax. It also happens to be one of the


Spotlight on Red Burgundy: Robert Chevillon Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru “Les Saint Georges” 2007

The king of Nuits Saint Georges is the vineyard that gave the village its name: Les Saint Georges. Wines from this premier cru stand well above the other premier crus


Spotlight on Red Burgundy: Marquis d’Angerville Volnay Premier Cru 2008

Volnay is for many the leading Pinot Noir cru in the Cote de Beaune. There tends to be tremendous consistency and quality at the village level and above. Style in